Wind River Timberframes

Wind River Timberframes is currently working on the construction of a zome, which is part of a Dargah (shrine) for Holy Man Murshid Sam. As the zome design uses complex joinery, we constructed a model first to work out any issues, but we actually had very few problems to address.

The Dargah will be used to house the grave of Murshid Sam. The zome is the primary form used in the Dargah. The design is derived from sacred geometry representing the intersections of an 8 fold double helix. When viewed from above, the sphere’s edge defines the zome’s diameter. When viewed from the side, the whole of the sphere defines the height of the Dargah, with the top half protruding above a porch held by columns that wraps around the outside of the sphere.

We are excited to share these photos from the full-scale zome model. The model was constructed using local White Pine.

Murshid Sam Dargah Zome


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