Wind River Timberframes


Experts in the
timber frame craft

Wind River Timberframes designs, erects and encloses custom, traditionally joined timber frame homes in the Southwestern U.S., the Rocky Mountains, and as far away as Pennsylvania and Alaska. While there are many choices in timber frame companies, the experience of working with Wind River Timberframes is unique.

Alan Bernholtz

Owner and Timberwright

timber frame in Durango Colorado

Located on the western edge of Southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, we are an intentionally small company of employees with roots in other professions who were drawn by the art and craftsmanship of timber framing. The same, close-knit team is intimately involved in every project from start to finish, often camping and living together on the job site until the frame is completed.

Like our company itself, every Wind River timber frame is unique – hand-cut with mallets and chisels, the timeless tools of the trade. Down to the smallest detail, we constantly seek out ways to improve in our craft. We work closely with our clients from the start of the design process, and we continue to keep in touch long after we have packed up our tool trailer.

At Wind River Timberframes, we understand the great responsibility that comes with building a home. Ask us how we can bring our personal service and industry-leading craftsmanship to your special project.