Wind River Timberframes

Frame Raising

Raising the Timber Frame

Wind River Timberframes is involved in every step of your timber frame home. When your frame is shipped to your site, our crew will be showing up right behind it.

The raising of the frame is hardly seen as ‘work’ for Wind River Timberframes. It is a celebration of the effort that has been invested while hand cutting a frame. If you haven’t seen a raising before, you will be struck by the speed at which the timber frame home takes shape. The crew works as a unit and anticipates the needs of their colleagues. When challenges arise, the team communicates to find the best solution.

You might see the crew standing under the frame a lot after it is completed. The same people who cut the frame will be the ones driving the hickory pegs at the raising. This adds a lot personal pride when the pine bough is tacked to the frame at the end of the project.

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