Wind River Timberframes

Hand Cut

Hand Cut Craftsmanship

At Wind River, we hand cut every piece in your frame. Our craftsmen use high tech power tools to “rough out” the joinery, and then skip back a century or two to clean and finish it off. We spend more time with chisels and mallets in our hands than with circular saws. Some of our most cherished (and useful) tools date to the 19th century.

This isn’t out of any desire to be anachronistic. The truth is that there are no better methods than those developed with hand tools through the centuries to produce tight, clean joinery. Some companies use giant C&C machines to cut their frames, and the results are technically adequate, but ask yourself, would you rather have a factory-produced armoire, or one a superior local craftsman built by hand? Which, typically, is of higher quality? Which is more beautiful?

We are also invested in our work in a way that can’t be reproduced in a factory setting. If we cut a king post, and it doesn’t fit perfectly during the raising, correcting the problem is a nonnegotiable matter of Wind River pride.

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