Wind River Timberframes

Wind River Timberframes | Mancos, Colorado

Located in beautiful Mancos, Colorado, we find ourselves doing timber frame construction primarily in and around Colorado, but our projects over the years have taken us as far East as Pennsylvania and as far North as Fairbanks, Alaska. Some of our upcoming frame raisings will be right in our own backyard, in Lost Canyon near Dolores and then up to El Dorado Canyon near Boulder later in the summer. Whether we are enlisted to design a home in Colorado or out of state, you will always receive the same level of superior quality and craftsmanship with Wind River Timberframes.

Wind River Timberframes
Wind River Timberframes


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  1. Our timber frame house was totally destroyed in a fire on November 19th of this year.

    It was built in 1983 by Reed Woodworking located in Gleenwood Springs at that time.

    After the framinf I did most of the work myself including the gypsum plastering, plumbing , electrical, etc as well as the furniture.

    The location lot is the real beauty of it all at 8980 feet in Crystal Park above Manitou Springs here in Colorado. here unobstructed views of Pikes Peak to the west 4 miles distant as well as the city of Colorado Springs 3000 feet below.

    Our grandson who is a May graduate of the US Air force Academy and who is a dual citizen of Switzerland, where he was reared, and the U.S. will inherit the rebuilt house if his loving mother my daughter does not get pissed at him.

    We are interested.

    Hope to attach some pictures.

    Email… Phone 719 314 5368 Stanley 719 651 6051 Mary Alice (wife in parenthesis, but she has the money)

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