Wind River Timberframes

Timber Frame Goes Up

On the day of a timber frame raising, a crane is brought in and the crew tightens their work belts. Once the first bent is up, things move quickly.

Plates and floor joists are added as the frame starts to take shape. After this, the team moves up higher on the frame.

While some people are working up high, part of the crew will stay on the ground to make adjustments, grab tools as they are needed, and to communicate with the crane operator. We have had great luck with the operators who have worked on Wind River projects, but this doesn’t mean the grandfather and grandson crane team won’t get caught napping on the job.

The upper plates and rafters are gently set in place. The crew attaches the ridge and the strength of the timber frame grows tremendously. The timber frame is completed with minor rafters, valleys, and other parts of the roof system.

When everyone is off the frame, the Wind River crew is happy to toast a job well done.