Wind River Timberframes

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The timbers for a project are delivered to our shop. We order the timbers in their nearest length to minimize waste. They have been planed and are full-dimension lumber.


Our timber wrights lightly plans the timbers one more time and then they transfer the shop drawings to the faces of the wood. The layout on the timber is double-checked by another crew member and all measurements need to be within 1/16th of an inch.


The joinery is ‘roughed in’ using power tools and cut to length with circular saws.


Using a mallet and chisel, the timber frame’s joinery is finished by hand.


After completion, the timber is sanded in order to clean up the marks from layout and then is sealed with Land Ark wood seal. It is a all-natural citrus based sealer.


The exposed ends of the timber have Anchor Seal applied. This seals the ends of the timber to slow the drying process and minimize checks.


After being cut, the timbers are gathered and bundled for transportation to the job site.