Wind River Timberframes

At Wind River Timberframing, we are committed to accommodating your design needs, whether you envision an 800 square-foot art studio or a 6,000 square-foot dream home. Whatever the size, you are guaranteed exceptional beauty, precision and craftsmanship.



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  1. Estes Park CO location. Interested in building a timber frame home. 1300 ft2 on top of finished basement. Please contact us for more info and details. Thank you.

  2. Hello Chris and Linda,
    Thank you for your easy to use website. My old computer had no problems navigating. I’m researching property in Sequim Washington, looking for the perfect place for my timber frame. I was very happy to hear that you can build the frame and install SIPS. And I liked your
    idea of installing drywall and SIPS slide in over it. I’m of the opinion that design/build is the best option. Do you have some more plans for smaller homes?

    I’m recently retired and I have a small family. I prefer less indoor cleaning and more outdoor playing. And I want to keep the structure simple without dormers and the like, but with some curved members. The minimum would be 1000 square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms with two floors, no basement. First floor: kitchen, great room, master bedroom, bathroom. Second floor: second bedroom and bathroom, extra space for a desk or reading, sewing, hobby area. Outside areas for pavers, walkways and patio. I’m not interested in decks. Ceiling heights not cavernous, cozy is better. Sub floor to be wood and not on a slab foundation. So if you have some design samples, I don’t need any detailed drawings, that would be appreciated. Log homes are not interesting since I have found timber frames.

    Thank you for your assistance. Other companies I have contacted: Cascade Joinery in Washington and Davis Frame in Oregon.
    Thank you for your assistance.

    Cindy Watkins

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